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Our goals

Camp Inspiration of  Texas is a 501-c3 non profit corporation  founded, to create an organization that seeks to educate people about the importance of community and family support. we are focusing on overall health for ourselves by creating a foundation that educates us on what we eat, starting with the soil, and about the benefits of locally grown plants veggies and livestock.


In past years this has been a challenge due to the fact we are in a rural area. Our small community in the central Texas has a population of the entire county of  just under 18,000 people, and with a average income of 41,559.00 per individual.


Camp Inspiration of  Texas is one of the few non-profit 501-c3  in Central Texas area that directly supports our communities with access to rural farmland, farming and business education, technical assistance,  working to support local farmers, reduce on-farm waste, and increase access to healthy produce for our local family communities.


Our Mission


We believe that empowered youth nourish our community in so many ways. Our camp is a safe place where young people can experience first-hand the transformational power of meaningful hard work ( aka Getting their hands dirty) in order to become healthy, productive, civically-engaged community members. By taking positive risks, like trying a new food for the first time and helping  children and families get back to nature,  through gardening, small agriculture farming and everyday life skills.

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